Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Manscaping Tools : Trimmers and Clippers For Bear Hairy Body Parts

I'm back in the backwoods for the summer again, getting all fuzzy and scruffy and wooly-whiskered as I tend to when I'm not under the urban pressure to manscape and look my best just so really Hot Beefy Muscle Bear guys can ignore me anyways. But men's grooming is something we all gotta do - or at least try to. At some point in my life when I started going bald early - and no longer had enough hair on my head to even be _worth paying a barber_ for, my best hair-clippers and beard-trimmer attentions naturally moved further down. Sometimes waaaay down into my pubic and crotch area where a manscaper might focus the bulk of their attention. The best and worst part about a Bears body hair is that even if you get stupid with a razor, clipper or trimmer, HAIR DOES GROW BACK.

But that just leads to the recurring need to make sure you get your furry bear man parts trimmed and manscaped at least on occasion. Bodybuilders have long engaged in full-body Manscaping for competition. I'd like to think I'm a bit more selective than that, you know - just hacking and whacking at select furry parts - when needed - occasionally. When I do, I use Manscaping gear from Oster, Whal, Norelco and Schick.

I have quite an arsenal of bear-hair management tools, I just don't use them often enough. It's either too much work, or I need a Husbear to take such things - For me.