Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shape Up - Or Ship Out : Starting Over Fitness

"FIT FOR LIFE" is a good motto. One many of us aspire to - and live by. We take time, we make time to integrate exercise into our daily routine -- and look and feel better for it. You're in the zone, you hit the groove, you're tight, you're taught, you're buff you're lookin' tuff......

And then you lose it. Life changes, you get sick and get a cold that derails your life for a week or 3, or you change jobs, or you move -- and you lose your groove. You lose your routine. You lose your COMMIT TO FIT. You gain weight. You get flabby. Your diet goes to hell. You buy the wrong foods, then eat them, cuz you bought them.

Help! I need to start over. I need to RE-Commit To Fit.