Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What's A Meat-O? Why A MuscleBear In A Speedo!

Gotta love 'em: Bears in Speedos - Beefy Muscle Bear Speedo Briefs and Swim Suits for Bear hairy men. They say 'Less Is More' - Especially when it comes to packing a guy packing into the least amount of Lycra Spandex possible - and still be street-legal.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Give Till It Hurts, Bear

My pal Steven runs that front desk at the gym with an Iron-Fist: He has to - in order to control those Men Of Iron. From his bird's eye view get's to watch the Hustle of Muscle out there on floor day after day. I'm sure he see's What Men Have. What Men Want. What Men Don't But Wish They Did... a bit more clearer than I certainly do. Ergo, a recent blog post:  Last Minute Gift Ideas for Gay Men - Fabulous Gifts for Guys (Part II)...

Not to be out done by that clever, clever man: I retaliated with my own hit-list of gifts for the Gay Muscle Bears in your life.