Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gay Fetish Site For Bears, Beards, Muscles and More

All this hard work at the gym -- You know, all the weight-training, aerobic exercise, CrossFit Bootcamp hell one might put oneself through -- can not only help a Muscle Bear wanna-be stay fit and healthy, but also can help you Get Laid. Being big, beefy and muscular simply appeals to Certain Sorts Of Men who can't help but be sexually attracted to some of the qualities you may possess.

An online fetish community like, Recon or BigMuscleBears might be any of several Gay men's fetishist sites you might explore to find other guys who share and want to explore mutual fetishes, kinks and perversions that have something to do with raw muscle, furry and hairy bodies and other sordid manly-male qualities you find attractive.

For me personally, a big 'n' beefy guy with VERY hairy shoulders and strong, muscular back covered in thick fur really turns my crank and makes me want to mount, seed and breed a guy like a crazed bull! But that's just me and my testosterone talking through a slightly twisted kinky fetishist brain...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Best Pictures Of MuscleBears SpeedoBears And MuscleBulls

The endless hunger for Gay Bear Muscle shows no signs of it's testosterone driven Master --abating. I start to wonder about this endless obsession with gathering and 'curating' pictures of muscular, beefy men across so many Social Media and image sharing sites. I recently started dabbling in the art of curating photos of Beefy MuscleBulls, MuscleBears, and SpeedoBears - somewhat reluctantly I might add.

MuscleBears On Google+

MuscleBears On Pinterest

SpeedoBears On Pinterest

SpeedoBears on FaceBook

MuscleBulls On Pinterest

I guess for some it's a 'Hobby' that they enjoy and like to share with other like-minded men.  For others, a clinical obsession perhaps that becomes a compulsion as well to find THE NEXT slab of hairy, muscled beef that's simply too good to keep to oneself. For still others, the most clever, it's a way to strong-arm the most weak and vulnerable in our Queer Culture - to lure them in and seduce them with eye-candy their core DNA cannot resist. And for the rare, but noble Muscle Bears among us -- We simply use these photos for technical, professional and fitness purposes to SET GOALS for physique and muscular development at the gym, merely using these photos as guidelines and inspiration...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Fit Gay Bear Tribe

I've long had an academic and sociological interest in sub-culture identities as well as a keen passion about the concept of neo-tribalism. When you look at the Gay Bear men's community as a whole, you see a 'tribe' that factioned off into it's own community of 'guys like us.' That encompasses a rather large range of Bear types.


The Gay Bear Tribe

For some it's the big-boned, husky boys that turn their crank, for others it's Bigger Is Better chubba-bubba-belly types, for other's - it's all about the hair Bear - and the fetish for fur. And for still others it's about the burly and beefy hairy muscular Bear men they're so drawn to.

It wasn't till I was an aging 40-something Bear getting older, fatter and out of shape that the MuscleBear wannabe in me 'came out' and I made a commitment to reversing that disturbing trend. Moving out to California to join some sort of tribe of fit men amongst the MuscleBears and make a huge lifestyle change was part of that.

We all choose the kind of Bear life we want day by day, moment by moment. I personally chose NOT to give up and cave-in to a life of ever increasing body weight and related health issues. Becoming a Fit Bear - and not a Fat Bear has been a really hard road. That commitment to integrating exercise into DAILY life and controlling that old Bear's pie-hole isn't easy. I needed to choose a tribe of like minded fit Gay men to align with that.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What It Takes To Get Seen As A MuscleBear Blogger

This will be one of those strange Gay Bear blog posts that is less about muscular men and more about strong-arm tactics Queer bloggers use to wrestle the internet into submission and market their blogs so someone actually visits them.

Exactly what would a Gay physical fitness blog be if it wasn't associated with - and linked to other web resources that were in some way related to Muscular Bears Exercising? That is tonight's question.

Afflicted by being a word-smith, I am among those Blogging Muscular Bears who's sturdy, hairy and thick bear paws are married to a computer keyboard. Muscle blogging is what I do when I'm not eating, napping, trying to get laid, or working out at the gym. It pays the bills: Buy a jockstrap, some fitness books, a wrestling singlet... it feeds the Bear.

When I'm not in a group fitness class, doing cardio, or lifting weights at the fitness center, I'm Blogging About Big Muscles and hairy body parts -- and the fixation Gay men appear to have with them.

My respect is endless for Fit Muscular Bears who make exercise a high priority and partake in day-to-day physical fitness to keep their Bear bodies in top shape. Sure, there's great deal of 'How To Get Really, Really Big Muscles' types of articles and posts on fitness blogging websites out on the internet. But how many of those are really specific to a Gay Fitness and Bear Exercise Blog reader and the MuscleBear world?

When I see very furry, beefy and hairy Bears Working Out At The Gym I cannot help but admire and want them. You definitely would too if you saw a few of the big, hairy slabs of beefy Bear muscle we have right here at our regional World's Gym. This parade of beefy and muscular Bears that I see at the gym needs to be talked about. So, I maintain a Weight-Lifting Bears Blog Site that I'll hope you check out.

It's difficult to get seen on the net with so many Gay Bear image and adult video websites out there. Even Twitter streams and FaceBook feeds have become an endless stream of images of really muscular, incredibly hairy hot Bear guys who will never Date You, but they're fun to look at.  For you more intellectual Bears, you might wish to check out Gay fitness bloggers like me who - instead of just posting pictures of hot guys - still use actual words and write about the hard work, dietary discipline and the physical dedication it takes to become an in-shape Bear man behind the scenes.

If so, my main Beefy Bear Blog might interest you and assist your efforts to transform yourself into a beefy and burly MuscleBear.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MuscleBear Nipple Pumping Gear

Are you a MuscleBear looking to develop big, thick and meaty male nips? Check out some of the recommended nipple cups:

Get Bigger Nips

Big Nipple Cups

If you've spent a lot of time at the gym really working your pectorals and developing a humpy, beefy chest, you might also want to make sure your male nips are meaty and beefy too. With proper nipple pumping techniques, you can get big mens nipples in just a few months.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mixed Martial Arts Instruction Palm Springs California

Desert Tiger Training offers Palm Springs MMA classes and 1 on 1 instruction in various mixed martial arts.

Classes and training session are held at the Palm Springs Barbell Club facility located at 200 West San Rafael Dr. on the north end of town.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

International Bear Convergence 2014 - Gay Bear Circuit Party Palm Springs

IBC - The Gay Bear men's International Bear Convergence is slated for Presidents Day weekend in mid-February 2014 and aiming to be one of the largest Bear circuit events ever held.

Check out the IBC-PS website for pool and dance party event schedule - and accommodations at the host hotel - The Renaissance conveniently located just a few blocks from downtown Palm Springs and the Gay bar and shopping district on Arenas Road.