Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nearly Weight-Free Weight-Training in 2012

Did ya ever just get tired of schlepping heavy weights around? OK guys, I'll admit it. I did. Except for some 2 or 3 pound dumbbells, I pretty much slacked off of ANY actual free-weights and machines at the gym during this whole winter out in fabulously Gay Palm Springs California. Did I give up on becoming a MuscleBear Wanna-Be? No.

3-Pound DumbBells For Sissies
I just kinda switched gears and started attending FITNESS CLASSES 5 days a week. Grueling Interval Training with dumbells and Total-Body and Abdominal Core torture day after day - with someone telling me what to do whether I felt like it or not. Until I was sweating like a pig and ready to drop. This, I think, was good for me. And frankly, afterwards I just didn't feel like I wanted - or needed - to torture myself any further at the weight-racks.

Did I lose weight this season? No. But that's because I don't eat clean and properly and frankly I seriously need to read some of the top-selling nutritional guidance books to get a better grip on when, why and what I should be stuffing into my Bear hole.

Did I pack on big, meaty slabs of rock-hard muscle? No. Well not 'Outside Muscles' anyways. I worked on my 'Inside Muscles' -- The kind that don't get you dates or hot hairy guys ogling you. The kind of Inside Muscles that support your skeleton and improve your posture and overall 'Tone' to get you through daily life with a different sort of fit vigor than one's typical well-developed and large muscles do.