Saturday, August 7, 2010


People seem to seem to be genetically encoded to either love swimming or hate it: Either strip down and dive in at any opportunity - or to merely observe from the dry safety of the pools edge or the terra-firma of the sandy beach. Either ya love the water like an otter - or hate it like a cat hates being thrown off the deep end.

Maybe modesty has something to do with this: Big hairy guys who just don't feel like taking their shirts off in general, let alone showing off their Fat 'N' Fur all glistening and matted down and wet in such public places. It's a shame really: 1. To not feel accepting or comfortable in one's own body such-as-it-is. Or, 2. To take advantage of the truly impact-free, full-body stretching and workout that swimming does like no other fitness activity. Or, 3. Not to know the freedom being a Speedo Bear can bring to your self image.

Me? I'm a WATER-RAT by nature, 100%. So even when I don't have the will to torture myself with ROUTINE activity like weight-lifting and aerobics implies - swimming remains the best all-round way to stay connected and aware of the rest of my clearly aging bones. It's summer. Get out there. DIVE IN!
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