Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ted - That Personal Fitness Trainer at World Gym Palm Springs

In this picture. Ted. He looks like a Nice Guy. He really does. And he really is. Except....
...when he gets your Furry Bear Butt into his 'G-Force' exercise class at World Gym in Palm Springs, California.

Welcome to Ted G's House-Of-Dues. It's then when he turns into THE Palm Springs personal trainer from hell that you'll love to hate. Because he'll make you do pushups. And dumbbell squats and combination fly and press moves until your muscles hurt real good. And then he'll run your ass around the gym's track in case your heart-rate was beginning to settle down - which is not allowed.

You have to go back into the fitness class room after your laps since the hour isn't over. That was just a refreshing jog between the NEXT set of exercises you'll be doing. You do need to do MORE exercise because you are a fat, hairy Bear who got out of shape and are now paying the price for your carbo-loading misspent months of inactivity.

He said he'd 'Go easy on me, sorta a little bit, but don't get used to it' for the first two weeks so that my body has time to freak-out and suffer and adjust. That is to say, I can't wait till the next class. This coming Thursday, 10am.
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