Monday, February 13, 2012

G-Force Workout For Muscle Bear Wanna-Be's

I wasn't there in class for the photo shoot that day. In fact I hadn't even started Ted Guice's G-Force fitness class at that point. I was just 'working up the courage to TRY his class someday' - You know, when I felt I was finally in good-enough condition to get through a WHOLE HOUR of fast-paced, cardio-pumping, heart-throbbing, try not to go into Tachycardia and end up in the E.R. sort of physical fitness I keep trying to achieve.

The first few GForce workout classes I only lasted 20 minutes. But I tried. And eventually I lasted for 40 minutes before the dreaded 'Get out of the exercise room before he kills you!!!' sort of muscular and pulmonary distress hit it's peak. This was Gawd's way of saying: "You are still an overweight, out of shape Bear." But I didn't let that discourage me.

Are You Man Enough To Handle These???

Okay, so 2 months into this, I may still only be using #2 PINK dumbbells but at least I am now lasting the WHOLE HOUR and emerge from Ted's G-Force class curiously exhausted, soaked in sweat -- and totally dreading the next classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

As Ted says: "We don't stop. We never quit. We keep going. Why?!? Because our G-Force class kicks ass!"

And so it goes. Another day at the Fabulously Gay World Gym Palm Springs. Another day in the life of an aging, 54 year old, 'I-should-decided-I-wanna-be-a-Muscle-Bear-20-years-ago -- And now, I'm getting my ass kicked' kind of guy.
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