Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Best Pictures Of MuscleBears SpeedoBears And MuscleBulls

The endless hunger for Gay Bear Muscle shows no signs of it's testosterone driven Master --abating. I start to wonder about this endless obsession with gathering and 'curating' pictures of muscular, beefy men across so many Social Media and image sharing sites. I recently started dabbling in the art of curating photos of Beefy MuscleBulls, MuscleBears, and SpeedoBears - somewhat reluctantly I might add.

MuscleBears On Google+

MuscleBears On Pinterest

SpeedoBears On Pinterest

SpeedoBears on FaceBook

MuscleBulls On Pinterest

I guess for some it's a 'Hobby' that they enjoy and like to share with other like-minded men.  For others, a clinical obsession perhaps that becomes a compulsion as well to find THE NEXT slab of hairy, muscled beef that's simply too good to keep to oneself. For still others, the most clever, it's a way to strong-arm the most weak and vulnerable in our Queer Culture - to lure them in and seduce them with eye-candy their core DNA cannot resist. And for the rare, but noble Muscle Bears among us -- We simply use these photos for technical, professional and fitness purposes to SET GOALS for physique and muscular development at the gym, merely using these photos as guidelines and inspiration...
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