Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gay Fetish Site For Bears, Beards, Muscles and More

All this hard work at the gym -- You know, all the weight-training, aerobic exercise, CrossFit Bootcamp hell one might put oneself through -- can not only help a Muscle Bear wanna-be stay fit and healthy, but also can help you Get Laid. Being big, beefy and muscular simply appeals to Certain Sorts Of Men who can't help but be sexually attracted to some of the qualities you may possess.

An online fetish community like, Recon or BigMuscleBears might be any of several Gay men's fetishist sites you might explore to find other guys who share and want to explore mutual fetishes, kinks and perversions that have something to do with raw muscle, furry and hairy bodies and other sordid manly-male qualities you find attractive.

For me personally, a big 'n' beefy guy with VERY hairy shoulders and strong, muscular back covered in thick fur really turns my crank and makes me want to mount, seed and breed a guy like a crazed bull! But that's just me and my testosterone talking through a slightly twisted kinky fetishist brain...
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